Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Make Your Computer Faster By Disabling Core Parking[Tested on Windows 7]

What is Core Parking?
Core Parking is basically an option in the Windows registry which only allows the computer to use 1 core when having a Multi- or more than one core CPU. This limits the potential of the CPU’s actual power. Say, if you’re opening a game it will only use 1 core to open it instead of spreading it to other cores or in other words distributing the data.


1. Okay start by Pressing on your keyboard: Windows Key + R. This will open Run.

2. Type: regedit

3. Press OK

4. In Registry Edit, Go to Edit in the top mini toolbar and click Find.

5. Then in the Text box put this (Without the Brackets.) (0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583)

6. Click Find Next.

7. Once it find the Reg Key there should be 8 detailed boxes or text. Like this:

8. Find ValueMin and ValueMax.

9. Right click on ValueMin and click Modify.

10. In the Text box type 0 instead of a 1 in the text.

11. And do the same for The ValueMax.

12. To make sure that it is done in all the Profiles click Edit in the top toolbar again and click Find Next or push F3 on your keyboard.

13. Then do the same again to the others (ValueMin=0, ValueMax=0)

14. Restart your computer and See the Difference.

Before I did this Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Photoshop CS5 Ran in about 10 to 12 secs and now its about 2-4 secs.


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